Ronda High-Tech was founded in May 2002 with the purpose of entering into the market of composite materials, particularly in the carbon fiber industry, offering high-tech components.
Since 2007 there is an ongoing collaboration with the ENEA Research Center Casaccia, Rome, from which the industrialization of the production of SMC panels for the solar industry has been developed and concretized.
In 2009, about 20.000 solar panels were made for the Archimedes project at ENEL Power Plant in Priolo Gargallo (SR).
In 2010, with experience in installation and maintenance of the solar field at Priolo Gargallo, Ronda High-Tech has designed and built an innovative solar collector and propose itself, with the participation of leading companies in the world, as a supplier of complete solar thermal power plants.

R & D

  • 2006 Research with Enea for a linear parabolic mirror.
  • 2008 Research with INAF (www.arcetri.astro.it ) and INOA (www.ino.it ) for adaptive mirror of solar rotating field Project STAR (http://www.ino.it/STAR/index_eng.html)
  • 2010 Research Project with ENEA Portici for heliostat project ELIOSLAB (http://www.ene1.portici.enea.it/Attività.aspx)
  • 2011 Regional Project in Palermo for a concentrator photovoltaic solar high-efficiency project FAE.
  • 2011 Partecipant of the EC project called MATS (Multipurpose Solar Applications by thermodynamic) for the construction of a solar field demonstration of 3 MWth in Burg el Arab , Alexandria, Egypt.
Collaborations Research